Now on PTS: the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint and Galactic Seasons!

Now on PTS: the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint and Galactic Seasons!

In the upcoming Game Update 6.3–The Dark Descent–we’re introducing the new Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint and Galactic Seasons. Before this update goes live, all players interested in testing these new additions can head over to the Public Test Server! Source: SWTOR

Meet the man who brings Darth Rivix’s charm and intrigue to life – Gideon Emery! With Darth Rivix accompanying Empire players in an upcoming Flashpoint, we sat down with Gideon to discuss Darth Rivix and channeling your inner Dark Side.

This interview was originally debuted during our Game Update 6.3 livestream that aired on our Twitch channel on March 18th, 2021. A recording of the livestream as a whole has been uploaded to YouTube as well.

Secrets of the Enclave

In this new Flashpoint, players will visit the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in pursuit of Darth Malgus. Experience a unique story and fight different enemies based on your alliance to the Empire or the Republic. The Flashpoint’s Story-Solo Mode will not be available on PTS to avoid story spoilers. Only the Veteran Mode can be tested straight away, and the Master mode will be available at a later date.

Galactic Seasons

Alongside this new Flashpoint, players can test out Galactic Seasons! Players can actively earn unique and exclusive rewards by completing specific Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives called Priority Objectives. Subscribers will earn bonus rewards! To access Galactic Seasons, open the Daily Login rewards window and select the second tab, “Galactic Seasons”. Learn more about Galactic Seasons here.
How to Get Started

  1. Log into your account with your username and password at
  2. Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner of the site.
  3. Click “My Account.”
  4. In the left column, scroll down and click the link entitled “PTS Character Copy.”
  5. Select the server and then the character that you wish to copy from.
  6. Click the “Copy Character” button.
  7. The site will display the current status of your character copy at the top of the page. Additionally, you can click the “View your character transfer history” link to see if the copy has completed.
  8. Please note that if PTS is offline, you won’t see the PTS Character Copy link.

Steam PTS

  1. When PTS is available, there will be a new prompt on our storefront page. Clicking the link there will start the process to getting the PTS installed!

Once you’re fully logged into the PTS, head on over to Odessen to pick up the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint Mission! On Odessen, use the elevator in the West hallway to the “Alliance Operations” room. Upstairs, you will see a marker on the Map to pick up this Flashpoint’s Mission.

Game Update 6.3, The Dark Descent, will be available for players in Spring 2021. Stay tuned for more in-depth details about the Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint and Galactic Seasons.