RUIN 2023 Wishlist

RUIN 2023 Wishlist

Items selected by RUIN community members to furnish the RUIN Studio project. We encourage addition of new gifts, conversation pieces and fun nerd culture. Tech and nerd culture in particular.

For Quality of Life things & Gifts to help The Human behind the Microphone, or just to say thank you with a well deserved treat! (And yes we mean FOR BORIS!)

Dear RUIN Community,

We are excited to introduce the RUIN Amazon Wishlist, a curated collection of items aimed at improving our day-to-day operations and enhancing the quality of life at the RUIN Studio. This initiative encompasses a wide range of practical gadgets, essentials, and gifts that will not only support the smooth functioning of RUIN but also ensure the well-being of the dedicated individuals behind the microphone. Oh, and let’s not forget Boris the cat, who is in dire need of some delicious snacks!

Boris Snacks Wishlist

By contributing to the RUIN Amazon Wishlist, you have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the functionality and comfort of our operations. Your support will enable us to create a thriving environment that benefits both the RUIN team and the community at large.

Here’s how you can participate:

Access the RUIN Amazon Wishlist by visiting the following link: [IMPORTANT WISHLIST LINK].
Explore the carefully selected items that cater to our day-to-day needs, practical gadgets, and gifts aimed at enhancing our day to day nerd activities.

Choose an item or items that you feel would contribute to the smooth operation of RUIN and the well-being of our team members. From practical tools to comfort-enhancing gadgets, your selection will play a vital role.

Complete your purchase through Amazon, ensuring you select the most convenient delivery option for you.

Spread the word! Let other members of our community know about this initiative, and encourage them to participate in supporting RUIN’s continued success.

Please remember that your participation is entirely voluntary, and any contribution, no matter how small, is genuinely appreciated. Each item received will make a tangible difference to the daily lives of those involved with RUIN.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your ongoing support in creating a thriving and sustainable environment for RUIN. Together, we can ensure that RUIN remains a place of creativity, inspiration, and exceptional content for our community.

Thank you for your generosity, consideration, and commitment to the well-being of RUIN.

Warm regards,

Leader RUIN Gaming