Rift Official Release

The Rift headstart has been joined by the official Rift launch.  Many additional servers have been opened for new players in order to respond to the unexpectedly high demand for the game.  Queue times were ferocious on the most heavily populated servers during peak hours.  Some players having reported over twelve hour queue’s.

From a technical standpoint the Rift launch has been one of the smoothest in recent memory.  Few crashes and only a few timely content and technical fixes.  The choice to use a more tried and tested game engine seems to have paid off.  Rift offers both traditional questing, battleground style warfront pvp and a tremendous about of world pvp and rift based public questing. Clearly Trion has targetted more than the World of Warcraft audience alone, introducing a broad spectrum of different types of gameplay from across the entire MMORPG genre.

Hopefully as players reach maximum level we will have a better understanding of what end game pvp and raid progression will look like. We will continue to provide content updates, pvp videos and screenshots of the action.