5.3 Escalation

Escalation introducaes a series of three player scenarios culminating in a campaign of disrupting Horde supply lines in the Barrens.  Horde commanders, supply caravans and other world objectives provide war resources as rewards.  These resources can be used to purchase new gear and vanity items.

The Escalation patch centers around the Alliance and Horde insurgents preparing for the Siege of Orgrimmar and deposing the Tyrant Warchief Garrosh.

Democracy Comes To Orgrimmar!

Ruin asked “why wait?” we can bring democracy to the Horde right now! 

In the spirit of the Escalation patch Ruin launched a massive assault on Orgrimmar. Fielding three raid groups of Ruin members and a fourth raid consisting of allied guilds we set off to kill the Horde Warchief Garrosh.

Despite frantic attempts to form a defense of Orgrimmar. Horde leaders loyal to Garrosh were hunted down and brought to justice in the streets.

Seat Of Knowledge

Ruin provided security to all members of the Alliance attempting to enter the Seat of Knowledge on patch day.

Unfortunately this meant hostile Horde suffered enormous casualties attempting to enter the Seat of Knowledge. Horde players were unable to reach their bodies resulting in an enormous outcry on the forums. Blizzard has since hot fixed this issue. Ruin would like to apologize to the over two thousand Horde players who were forced to spirit resurrect as a result of this Blizzard oversight.

Hotfix incoming to fix Seat of Knowledge death issues

Kil’Jaeden World PvP

Patch 5.3 has been fairly quiet. Despite our raids on Orgrimmar, the Barrens and other Horde targets across Pandaria Horde guilds have failed to mount any serious resistance. Alliance cities remain safe and no faction leaders have been attacked recently. Ruin will continues to take a strong stance against militant Horde extremism and will make every effort to keep Alliance civilians safe from the indiscriminate attacks of Horde terrorists.

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