Neverwinter Beta

Beta Watch

Neverwinter’s beta doors are open April 30th. There will be no character wipes once the beta goes live.

The City of Neverwinter comes to life on April 30, 2013 when Neverwinter enters Open Beta!

Soon, millions of hungry adventurers will enter the Forgotten Realms to protect Faerûn from evil like Valindra Shadowmantle and foul beasts who threaten the City of Neverwinter. But before Open Beta, we’re adding Beta Weekend Four as an added thank you to committed Founders who have helped make Neverwinter possible!

Open Beta

Beta Weekend Four details:

Become a Neverwinter Founder for access to Beta Weekend Four and early Open Beta access – play before anyone else!

Neverwinter Founder

Begin your adventure to defend Neverwinter equipped with all the benefits of a Founder! Neverwinter Founders will receive exclusive in-game perks, guaranteed beta weekend access starting February 8, and much more! Want to be a the ultimate hero of Neverwinter? Check out the full features list.