Realm First Garrosh Kill

Ruin Gaming would like to thank everyone who made this Realm first Garrosh kill possible.

Garrosh is the final boss of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. We hope to have Garrosh on farm status and included within our PvE raid schedule in the coming weeks.

Arkhaos appointed interim Warchief

From the office of the Interim Warchief:

During this period of transition all Horde citizens are asked to remain indoors while curfew is in effect. Deadly force has been authorized for those found in violation of new regulations governing occupied territories and new military districts. Alliance representatives will convene at the neutral city of Shattrath to discuss the installment of a permanent Viceroy to govern the occupied territories.

Refugee Relocation Facilities:

Horde refugees are asked to contact their local Ruinous humanitarian aid organization for emergency rations and transportation to designated processing centers immediately.

Ruin recognizes the diverse ethnic composition of the Horde and has made the following provisions for each major group.

Blood Elves are asked to report to jointly operated Ruin Kirin Tor medical facilities for magic rehabilitation and detoxification therapy. Those Blood Elves found fit for trial will be subject to extradition to Dalaran to stand before a military tribunal convened by Lady Jaina Proudmore. Blood Elf non combatants and those cleared of war crimes will be provided mandatory Alliance re-education services in preparation for re-integration into the Alliance.

Orcs will be relocated to the refurbished “Temporary Relocation Centers” holding camps in Hillsbrad pending review by a military tribunal. Orc non combatants and those cleared of war crimes will be escorted through the Dark Portal where they will be repatriated to their traditional homeland of Draenor. Alliance passports and military approved Visas will be required for all future travel into Azeroth.

Tauren will be relocated to the Mulgore reservation military district until further notice pending diplomatic review of the Garrosh-Cairne incident.

Trolls will be relocated to an internment camp located on the Echo isles military district pending further diplomatic review of the Garrosh-Vul’Jin incident.

Pandarans will be repatriated to Pandaria upon review by Alliance military tribunal. Re-enlistment opportunities within the Alliance military will be offered for those Pandarans who were not substantively involved in aggression against Alliance citizens, territories or property.