Skyrim Interactive Menu – What We Know So Far!

Skyrim Interactive Menu – What We Know So Far!

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kyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series created by Bethesda Game Studios and one of the most highly anticipated RPGs of all time. In this game, players will be thrown into the world of Skyrim in the shoes of Dovahkiin, which means “Dragonborn” in the dragon language. Players must venture forth in a quest to grow as a character and discover why the dragons have returned and stop them before they consume the world.

This video will serve as a hub for all the Skyrim content that has been released so far. Each video will cover certain categories and aspects of the game. Like a DVD menu, click on the video you want to watch or the channel you want to visit, and you will be taken there. New videos will be released every two days, so make sure to check back constantly!