PAL WORLD what does it even mean

#Palworld, the latest open-world survival crafting game.

🧭Open world survival crafting game for up to 32 players!

🔫Gather your weapons and go on an adventure with over 100 types of pals!

💪Captured Pals can be trained, fought, and labored!

💡New content coming with updates!

Palworld|HOW TO RAISE THE STRONGEST PALS| Palnews|Pocketpair

Hello everyone, Thank you for your continued support. The much-anticipated next tutorial video is now complete, so please take a look.

Palworld is a hit, and it’s easy to see why

In Palworld, various methods and features exist for caring for and raising your Pals. Simply leveling up is just the beginning; you can teach your Pal new skills in various ways and enhance their stats. Moreover, special Pals like Lucky Pals and subspecies with different attributes appear for the first time in this tutorial too.