RUIN is excited to offer a variety of compelling new incentives to our Discord Subscribers and supporters.

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Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary resource and extremely powerful tool to produce an incredible range of images and art in a spectrum of styles and settings. Including the ability to morph real life personal pictures into fantasy avatars from our favorite games and MMORPG universes. RUIN Gaming is happy to announce the addition of Midjourney art as a Discord Tier Subscriber reward as well as providing Midjourney art merchandise prior to Blizzcon 2023.


We are particularly interested in technology advances in Artificial intelligence and its many practical applications. Allowing for some incredible new abilities to provide groundbreaking artistic possibilities to our members.

Here are a few examples of early images, avatar studies and upscaling into modern photorealistic graphics that our members have commissioned.

  • RUIN provides AI upscaled art for your World of Warcraft and other MMORPG avatar images the artistic style of your choice.
  • You may also add personal pictures to morph your character with your real life appearance.
  • You may have your character modified into any modern or classical art style.
  • You may have your character modified into any medium of choice, photography, painting, sketch, colored pencil etc.

Explore the powerful possibilities of the new Artificial Intelligence Art program Midjourney with RUIN.

Explore Limitless Artistic Possibilities with Midjourney: The Revolutionary AI Art Program

In the rapidly advancing world of artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking program called Midjourney has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of digital art. Offering a myriad of powerful features and an unmatched ability to create stunning images, Midjourney has quickly become a go-to resource for artists and enthusiasts alike. With its unique capacity to transform personal photos into mesmerizing fantasy avatars from beloved games and MMORPG universes, Midjourney opens up a whole new realm of artistic expression. Excitingly, RUIN Gaming has recently partnered with Midjourney, offering exclusive benefits to its Discord Tier Subscribers and introducing Midjourney art merchandise ahead of the highly anticipated BlizzCon 2023.

Unleashing Artistic Freedom:

Midjourney empowers artists to explore a diverse range of styles and settings, making creativity boundless. Whether you’re a professional artist seeking inspiration or an individual looking to express yourself through art, Midjourney provides an unprecedented level of versatility. From abstract compositions to hyper-realistic landscapes, the program enables users to create captivating visuals that defy imagination.

Transforming Personal Pictures into Fantasy Avatars:

One of Midjourney’s most awe-inspiring capabilities lies in its ability to morph real-life personal photos into fantastical avatars inspired by popular games and MMORPG universes. Imagine seeing yourself as a heroic warrior, a mythical creature, or a futuristic cyborg—all derived from a simple photograph. Midjourney brings personalization to the next level, allowing individuals to become part of the worlds they admire and love.

The Power of Partnership: RUIN Gaming and Midjourney:

RUIN Gaming, a prominent gaming community, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Midjourney. Discord Tier Subscribers of RUIN Gaming can now access exclusive Midjourney art as a reward for their support. Subscribers gain the ability to showcase unique artwork in their Discord profiles, enhancing their gaming experience and personal brand. Additionally, RUIN Gaming is taking the Midjourney partnership even further by offering a range of Midjourney art merchandise before the highly anticipated BlizzCon 2023. Fans and enthusiasts can proudly wear and display their favorite Midjourney creations, celebrating their passion for gaming and digital art.

Midjourney stands at the forefront of the AI art revolution, providing users with an unprecedented range of possibilities and artistic expression. With its transformative ability to turn personal photos into mesmerizing fantasy avatars and its partnership with RUIN Gaming, Midjourney is set to shape the future of digital art. Whether you’re an artist seeking to push the boundaries of creativity or a gaming enthusiast looking to immerse yourself in your favorite universes, Midjourney is your gateway to a world of limitless artistic potential.