Star Citizen

Ruin is embarking into Space in the EPIC new Space SIM Star Citizen!

The Space Sim to beat all space sims being developed by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame, the most successful kickstarter project to date and largest budget space game ever.

IDRIS-P Corvette

We are beginning our navy with one of the elite and rare IDRIS-P Corvettes, a very limited and expensive ship secured for our use. it is a 10 man crewed ship with a fighter bay waiting for ruin pilots to base out of.
we also have an array of multi-crew vessels from Contellation smuggling vessels, Cutlass Pirate ships, Banu merchantmen traders, to deep space salvage and exploration.

SC will begin with an AAA co-op enabled military campaign lasting over 50 hours, or skip it and go straight into the immersive persistent universe and begin making your name,fame and legacy in any capacity you can think off. Combat options range from dog fighting, bounty hunting, piracy, to board and capture. Non-combat spans the gamut from trading, exploring, and salvage to fuel and cargo hauling. anges from working within the terran empire to venturing out into fringe space, oh and beware the hostile alien races! the vanduu don’t talk first.

Join the RUIN navy and experience space combat on a massive scale.
SC is having modules developed and released to alpha backers in vertical slices which are constantly being updated. Right now the hangar module lets you crawl around in and over any ships you have purchased to support development. early January will see the dogfighting module released to begin testing with fighters and ramping up to multi-crew ships asap.


visit to view available packages.
Packages containing alpha access are still available and start at $45 and up.