Eve Online

EVE: Online – The Prophecy

Since the dawn of man, knowledge has always come at a price. There are those who believe the cost is justified, that what can be learned or gained outweighs the sacrifice they may face. Others believe some doors are meant to remain closed.

EVE Online 

Ruin Gaming maintains a casual presence in EvE Online. EvE Online remains the most successful sandbox MMORPG and a source of constant innovation within the industry at large. We eagerly look forward to the integration of ground combat with the upcoming Dust 514 release. Unfortunately Dust 514 will not initially be released for the PC. If and when Dust 514 becomes available on the PC we anticipate Ruin Gaming having an active presence there.

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The CCP vision of an expanded EvE universe in which players can literally fight on the ground while interacting with pilots in space is on display in the latest fanfest trailer. CCP has made its intentions of developing walk in stations and providing a more immersive environment for players.

EVE Online: Retribution Trailer

Retribution, the 18th free expansion to EVE Online, brings Bounty Hunting to the fore with an all new system for putting a price on the heads of your enemies, or collecting on the bounties others have placed on your targets. Exact your vengeance with money or your guns, but either way remember that in EVE Online: Retribution revenge is just the beginning.

Dust 514

DUST 514 open beta starts January 22nd

DUST 514: Gathering Forces Trailer