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Maintaining the Ruin Gaming community requires your support!

In order to continue to provide guild services and events we ask that everyone do their part. In addition to financial contributions we seek the support of talented professionals who can provide Ruin Gaming with compelling, original content.

We have all invested an enormous amount of time, effort and resources so that we may provide our members with the tools to positvely influence the gaming industry. With the ultimate goal of creating a better gaming experience for all of our members.

Our community websites provide Ruin members with the means to voice their opinions through articles, web logs, comics, videos and other multimedia. Ruin has increasingly become a bridge between gamers and developers. Creating a dialogue that allows developers to make games that provide us with the experience and content we desire.

More importantly Ruin is an independent gaming organization, able to provide truly critical reviews of new games without the fear of losing advertisers or upsetting shareholders. Our only responsibility is to provide the best gaming experience to our members. We have no interest in convincing our members to play poorly designed or broken games. We are all gamers here and we all desire the best entertainment experience possible, from whatever game and company provides it.

Veteran Status for contributions:

Ruin members who contribute to the organization will receive a promotion to veteran.

Ruin Programs:

Ruin Gaming provides a spectrum of services and support to all members. Support of the organization requires the contribution of time and effort. There are many ways to help out. Financially is one of them.


Ruin Gaming continues to sponsor exceptional players within the organization and provide financial assistance for critical player expenses.

In order to provide the maximum accessibility to content for all members, Ruin Gaming is constantly looking for talented leaders to organize raids and pvp events. The enormous amount of time and commitment that raiding and dedicated pvp leadership requires has prompted our organization to find ways to reward those individuals who have taken on this challenge.

Becoming a Sponsor:

If you would like to sponsor individuals within the organization for outstanding service to Ruin Gaming please contact me at [email protected] you may choose to contribute anonymously or to participate publicly.

Applying for a Sponsorship:

Those players who have provided outstanding service and best reflect upon the values of Ruin Gaming can submit their candidacy for a sponsorship through e-mailing me at [email protected]

In addition Ruin Gaming will assist with Server transfers, faction changes and other assistance for exceptional players able to commit to providing our members with additional access to content.


We provide a 1000 slot Teamspeak server for our members to utilize. Courtesy of Teamspeak and Typefrag.

Ruin Websites:

Ruin Gaming currently maintains multiple websites,, and!


Ruin Gaming frequently sponsors contests for both in game and real world rewards. We have traditionally provided graphics cards and other gaming merchandise to the first Ruin member to reach maximum level in new games.

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