Conan Exiles: Update 31 Introduces Pyramids!

Update 31 – Gear up your thralls and enjoy new building pieces

Source: Funcom

Full Steam Patch Notes

Our newest update just went live and we have a bunch of new stuff for you!

You can now put equipment on and dress up your thralls, make all new buildings with a host of new building pieces, craft lots of new placeables in a new workbench, repair weapons and armor more easily with new repair kits and enjoy improved inventory management and user interface.

Thrall inventories

Want to give your thralls better armor or different weapons? Want to dress up your dancers differently? Well now is your chance with the all new thrall inventory system.

After you capture fighter and archer thralls, and break their will on the wheel of pain, they now only start out dressed in the basic coarse clothing. The thralls keep the weapons they had when you captured them, but to make their defenses strong you need to equip them with armor which you craft yourself.

You can equip your thralls with different kinds of weapons, but because of their stats it is still smart to give archers ranged weapons and let fighters use melee weapons.

So, if you have the resources you can now make your archers and fighters stronger than ever! (And hope they don’t run off after an animal, get killed and lose all your stuff.) Luckily thralls do not wear down their gear, so it does not need to be repaired.

When you capture dancer thralls they start with the coarse clothing as well, but this can also be changed. You can dress these thralls up in different kinds of armor or clothing and if you play on servers which allow full nudity, you can now have them dance for you naked.

After you have placed an archer, fighter or dancer thrall, you can no longer pick it up and put it back into your inventory. You can however pick them up and move them around like a building piece, or set them to follow you when you move around. When they are in the spot you want, you can ask the thralls to stop following you.

Even more building pieces

Conan Exiles has a huge number of building pieces so we thought we should add even more! This time we have made many new roof, stair and awning pieces.

We have made several new slanted roofs which fit on square buildings. This makes it much easier to build slanted roofs on your house and not end up with gaps. You can even make huge pyramids with the new pieces!

There are new stairs without railings and stair corner pieces, new narrower pieces of slanted roofs which fit atop hallways which are just one foundation wide and slanted roof intersections.

We are also introducing many new placeables, like wooden totems from the north, stygian braziers and beds and a new table. There is now a new artisan’s workbench which is used to make all decorative placeables. The workbench gathers all the recipes in one place, so they don’t clog up your crafting recipe list so much. You can place any artisan thrall in the new workbench, and it will give you crafting bonuses.

Repair kits!

We introduced repair changes in previous patches which meant that you needed to know the recipe to make gear if you wanted to repair it. This also meant that you might not be able to repair some looted gear you were using. But now you can!

This update introduces four repair kits for armor and four for weapons. There are new feats for the repair kits which can be learned at level 12, 24, 36 and 48. The kits repair your gear to a maximum of 20%, 40%, 60% or 80% of durability depending on their tier.

The kits can be very handy to bring if you are going on long trips outside of your base or if you are planning on attacking enemy camps. But be careful, if a piece of gear has been broken completely you can’t repair it with the kits. All repairs now take several seconds to complete, so that those with an advantage in resources will not a huge advantage in combat by constantly repairing their gear while fighting.

The update also brings many other changes, such as a new user interface carousel. It will now be much quicker and easier to swap between your inventory, feats, map, journey and clan (especially if you are playing with a controller).

The way you sort your inventory items has been improved, so that when you click on an icon for an item type (such as resources), they will now show at the top of your inventory, and everything else will be below.