Age of Sorcery Launch

Conan Exiles – Age of Sorcery Launch Trailer

Age of Sorcery is the largest free update to Conan Exiles since launch, bringing sorcery, an attribute and perk overhaul, a dedicated building interface, a cosmetics-packed Battle Pass, and much more.



Conan Exiles is evolving. The Age of Sorcery has arrived, introducing the biggest free update to the game since launch, a new Battle Pass, and a complete change in how future updates are structured: Ages.

Each Age will have its own theme, free gameplay updates, and Battle Passes. This is a complete rethinking of how Conan Exiles will continue to expand – with free features and improvements and an easy way for anyone to support the game’s growth and receive exclusive themed cosmetics.

Gather resources, open the building interface, and craft your vision. With a brand-new building UI and process, you no longer need to craft building pieces and place them on your equipment bar. In addition, the new and accessible creative mode provides unprecedented freedom to those who wish to build their wonders without restrictions.

In Age of Sorcery, you can choose to sacrifice your life force in return for a plethora of corrupting sorceries. Summon demonic mounts and followers, conceal yourself from sight, conjure darkness at will, and bring down thunderclaps from the heavens – this and much more await. Sorcery in Conan Exiles requires both preparation and a pinch of madness.

In Age of Sorcery, we are upgrading the way we release both free and paid content. The paid Battle Pass and Bazaar exclusively contain cosmetics for buildings, armor, weapons, mounts, and more. Progress your Battle Pass by completing challenges in the world and earn rewards even if you haven’t purchased the Battle Pass.


Attributes and perks have been rebalanced and expanded. Specialize your character by choosing between two powerful perks at certain attribute milestone. If you choose the blood-soaked path of sorcery, enough corruption in strength, vitality, or authority will grant access to special perks that enhance your newfound powers.