Source: April 22, 2021 – Funcom

Greetings Exiles! Update 2.4 expands the Isle of Siptah map with all new biomes and big visual improvements, introduces the Zath religion with new avatar, several combat rebalances and much more! The update is live for PC today and Isle of Siptah can be played in Early Access.


The Isle of Siptah expansion is getting another great set of improvements with a big increase in its map size. All-new areas are ready for you to explore to the south of the island.

This new territory increases the size of the map to around the same size as the Exiled Land, and is called the Isle of Dusk and the Isle of Dawn. It contains three new biomes, the savannah, the floodlands , and the ashlands.

The map expansion not only brings new biomes to Isle of Siptah, but also new types of enemies (such as the Grey Ones and First Men), new creatures, a host of new NPC camps, massive ancient ruined cities and a new PvE mechanic tied to mysterious green pools.


On the Island of Dusk, you will find many volcanic vents, filling the area with fire and an ever-present cloud of ash. The Black Corsairs have settled here, their gruesome camps warning off intruders with gibbets and impaled corpses.

You can also encounter the surviving remnants of the ancient humans who used to live on the island in the ashlands. They live in primitive camps and are called the First Men. Though they are strong and aggressive many have devolved to such a primeval state that they can hardly be called men any longer.

Stygian mercenaries have colonized the new savannah area on the Island of Dawn in the east. They have landed in force and you can see powerful ships anchored outside their harbor camps. The sunny savannah introduces new animals, but much of it is under the control of the Grey Ones. These enigmatic and dangerous creatures inhabit massive ancient ruins and in their capital you can find three murky pools which radiate power.


You can now experience a new feature which is tied to the pools found in the cities of the Grey Ones. In the many new camps spread around Isle of Siptah you can find mysterious figurines. Make sure to pick them up! Many of the figurines are of the terrible creatures from the outer void, though a few are of creatures new to the island.

Fight your way through the powerful Grey Ones guarding the greatest of the ancient ruins in the savannah, to make it to the pools. The area is filled with mystical energy and in front of each pool you will find a plinth.

Place one of the figurines you have collected on the plinth but be ready for a brutal challenge! This new mechanic allows you to summon and fight against the creatures you have collected as figurines and to get your hands on powerful rewards.


The environment settings have been greatly improved on Isle of Siptah with this update. The new sky is much brighter and bluer than the old one and the clouds are new and much more detailed as well.

These changes bring more color to the island and regions which used to be quite dark are now filled with light. This is especially noticeable around the tower in the center of the island, but most other areas have gotten considerably brighter as well.

We hope you will enjoy a more colorful Isle of Siptah!


Whether you are playing on Isle of Siptah or in the Exiled Lands you can now learn the Zath religion and become one of the spider god’s worshippers.

Use the venom-infused blood of your enemies in rituals, and build terrifying altars to the glory of Zath, and you will be granted unique rewards, such as weapons, clothing and even an orb which summons a spider when thrown.

The ultimate power of any religion in Conan Exiles is of course the ability to summon an avatar of the god. By invoking the true name of Zath, you can summon and control his gigantic avatar which takes the shape of a monstrous spider.

The avatar is of truly staggering size and can spit devastating venom at your enemies. It also has a unique defensive ability, where it sheds some of the eggs carried on its back. If anyone ventures too near the avatar, the eggs will burst, covering the poor soul in a shower of tiny spiders. If the eggs are undisturbed, they will hatch as large spiders who defend the avatar.


There are many new balance changes in this update. We are reducing the damage of mounted attacks and removing their status effects. Being mounted will still give you an advantage, but not to the same extent as it did before.

The damage of short swords and arrows has been increased but the armor penetration of arrows has been reduced. We also made charged shots cheaper to use to compensate for the armor penetration reduction on arrows. These changes have been made to bring the weapons more in line with the other weapons in the game.

With update 2.4 it is no longer possible to cancel an attack animation by equipping another item, though dodging will still interrupt attack animations. Item swapping is enabled when an attack finishes or when movement could cancel the attack.

The type of armor you wear no longer influences your dodge, as the length and recovery time of dodges are instead determined by your level of encumbrance (your agility attribute still also reduces dodge recovery time). In general dodge recovery times have been reduced and dodge distance has been increased.

You will now be able to equip one-handed weapons and attack while swimming. Stamina regains slowly when you swim instead of draining away. In addition, you can temporarily swim faster by holding down the sprint button. These changes will make it possible to try and hunt down those who flee by swimming to evade your wrath.

We hope you enjoy all these improvements and check them out in-game in either the Exiled Lands or Isle of Siptah. So, venture forth, slay, explore and conquer!

Update 2.4 includes much new content, features and balance changes. Click here to read the full patch notes.