The Exiled Lands is a brutal place and the fight for survival is difficult and relentless. With the all new Blood and Sand pack you can crush your enemies wearing new armors and wield fearsome weapons while fighting in new vaulted tunnels and arenas. – Funcom

With Update 37 we introduced two-handed axes and short swords. Blood and Sand grants access to five new great axes and short swords, which look great when combined with the new armor pieces.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the new building pieces and placeables. The Arena set is perfect for building colosseums and decorating them with new banners, gates, vaults, and much more!

The Blood and Sand Pack contains:

  • 29 new arena building pieces
    • A set of building pieces made for arenas and vaults
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Bear Shaman armor
    • Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each
  • 19 new weapons in the Bloodletter set plus all new weapons
    • Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon
  • 15 new war banner placeables
    • Decorate your new arena or castle with all new war banners