Aika First Impressions

Rarely have I been intrigued with what’s come out of the free to play market. But this game has gotten such solid reviews, it’s definitely worth a good look. The graphics are detailed and the animations are superb – rivaling many of the new games we’ve seen in the past couple years.

Everquest Next and John Smedley

Sony has announced the creation of the next MMO in the Everquest series tentatively titled “Everquest Next”. While it looks promising, I have nothing but the highest confidence in John Smedley’s ability to take a good game and turn it into shit.

World of Loot Drama

At some point, Blizzard discovered the magic formula to keeping game subscriptions active, instead of focusing on player driven content and character progression for its own sake – get players hooked on the endless treadmill of gear score upgrading.

FFXIV Press Release

LOS ANGELES (June 30, 2010) — Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that the highly anticipated massively multiplayer online game FINAL FANTASY® XIV is set for global release on September 30, 2010 for Windows® PC.