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Guilds: Ruin Gaming, Ruin, Ruin Nation, Ruinious
Faction: Alliance
Server: Tichondrius

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We believe in achieving impressive results without needless elitism. An inclusive Gaming Community providing the full spectrum of  World of Warcraft content for our members. All members are provided with assistance in reaching level 110. We are constantly searching for talented players interested in taking a more active leadership roles within Ruin.

RUIN is on the Tichondrius North America server Alliance faction. RUIN provides an active progression raid environment as well as structured PVP, World Boss clears with the objective of strong character progression for all members.

The demonic forces of the Burning Legion have built massive structures on the Broken Shore as a base of operations for their assault on Azeroth. It’s here that the Horde and the Alliance experienced a series of tragedies at the hands of the Legion. Now that they’ve regrouped, acquired their new weapons of power, and recruited new allies, it’s time to make a triumphant return.

World of Warcraft has become an iconic cultural phenomenon similar to Star Wars. Expansion of the Warcraft universe with new movies expansion to World of WarcraftWarcraft and new additions to the real time strategy game allows for greater depth and long term success for the entire franchise. Star Wars has become a generational phenomenon, with the stories of characters continuing through their children. The Warcraft universe has a similar potential for long term growth.

Blizzcon 2016 revealed information on the upcoming 7.1.5 and 7.2 patches coming for World of Warcraft: Legion. Ion Hazzikostas lead designer on the World of Warcraft team gave a strong presentation outlining a model for consistent content delivery in large and interim patches. The coming 7.1.5 patch is an example of a “small” patch that Blizzard will release between major raid tier content releases. The objective of these smaller interum patches is to avoid content droughts and to ensure more consistent new content and adjustments to existing game content.

Karazhan a new mythic dungeon set inside the former home of the Guardian Medivh. Karazhan is much larger than a normal Mythic dungeon, designed to be experienced as a five player raid. Patch 7.1 also provides a new raid: The Trial of Valor, a three boss encounter completing the Stormheim story arc.

World of Warcraft: Legion Patch 7.1 Return to Karazhan the first major content patch of the expansion. Featuring an array of new content, Karzahn returns as a five player mythic dungeon. A variety of new rewards, mounts and exciting new gear will be available! Patch 7.1 releases on October 25th!

Reviewing a MMORPG within the first few weeks of launch is a difficult task. World of Warcraft: Legion presents players with a vast array of new features and fundamental overhauls to many core game features. With so many classes and the addition of Demon Hunters, each with unique class order campaigns, providing a comprehensive review beyond superficial leveling impressions can be daunting.

An important World Quest bonus event, granting an additional fifty percent to reputation gain on the Broken isles is live in World of Warcraft. Ruin recommends taking advantage of this event to work on the very important Suramar reputation, which provides a variety of crucial rewards and character progression in Legion. The Bonus Event is available through the Sign of the Emissary quest line starting in Dalaran in front of the Violet Hold Citadel instance.

World of Warcraft: Legion introduces the World Quest System. The World Quest system provides world quest objectives similar to Adventure Mode bounties from Diablo III. World quests provide a variety of rewards including both PvP and PvE gear that scales to the player’s item level.

World of Warcraft: Legion introduces a new system for level 110 players – World Quests. Similar to Diablo III’s Adventure Mode, offering bounties and rewards across different zones.
The objective of the World Quest system is to provide incentives for players to explore, fight and progress their characters out in the new zones of the Broken Isles.